The Region

Algarve is a wonderful region, with amazing beaches and secret oasis all over the coast, but also a lovely countryside where you can find authenticity and nature in its purest form. Monchique would be a good exemple of it.

Ferragudo is an old fisherman village, full of amazing restaurants. They will serve you some delicious grilled fish and seafood, among other specialities. lf you are looking for local products or a souvenir, all you need is to take a walk in the village, and you will soon find some lovely shops where you can get what you need.

Once you cross the bridge you’ll be in Portimão, but you can also take a Taxi Boat at Ferragudo harbour, which will leave you on the other side of the river. Either near the city Museum, or at the Marina.

Portimão is one of Algarve’s biggest cities, and there you will find a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Summer has definitely the busiest agenda, but the city theatre (TEMPO) or the Museum offer an eclectic range of cultural events.